About Us


Mission Statement

To provide a vehicle for independent country songwriters and artists to have their songs heard and charted on independent ECMA radio stations (Europe, Australia and New Zealand) plus selected U.S. station, all at a reasonable submission fee of $100 per song.

To provide the finest independent country songs for the DJ's who play them for their own listening audience... Fans who truly value independent songwriters and artists; and who still enjoy traditional country songs, along with the more contemporary songs we all hear on mainstream U.S. radio. 


Generate excitement

 Summary: We all know that the major record labels, publishers and artists have a lock on the mainstream country music radio stations...and it is virtually impossible for most of us to break into that network.

Diamondback Records provides the opportunity for the independent writers and artists to have their music heard by millions of country music fans who will truly love "your song"...and will reward you with their loyalty and feedback through the playlists and charts. 



 It is our objective for Diamondback Records:

  • to be the best record label in the business
  • to maintain a reasonable submission rate, so that all writers & artists who place a value on impacting a major music market can participate
  • to foster, with total integrity, ongoing relations with DJ's and participating songwriters and artists.