Diamondback Records

Compilation Service for Independent Country Songwriters & Artists
Impact millions of country music fans around the world with your songs
ECMA Member and Supporter since 1999 
(European Country Music Association, which includes Australia & New Zealand) 

Your songs
get airplay on over 500 international and selected U.S. radio stations, whose listeners enjoy and value indie country songs.

  • Regular play lists and chart updates from participating DJ's
  • All submissions are pre-screened to assure that our DJ's receive only top quality, well-produced country songs
  • All CDs are professionally mastered and equalized (your song must be radio-ready upon submission and in the country genre)
  • Two copies of the CD for your own personal use 
  • Diamondback Records has established a unique and long-lasting bond with EMCA, IMCoA and independent radio stations, their DJ's and their listening audience
When Diamondback strikes...it's a hit!
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